Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tennis Camp

This year's summer vacation occurred in 4-hour blocks in and around the Curtis Holland Tennis Complex at Garner Street Park in Springfield, Tennessee. Though Monday's session was rained out, the remainder of the week featured ideal conditions for playing tennis and exploring Springfield's greenway. The camp, led by certified tennis instructor Curtis Holland, is geared for kids of all experience levels and held at what are truly first-rate public courts. The complex is adjacent to one of the greenway's many access points, which made it easy for me to explore the surrounding area.

 Greenway near Garner Street Park
The greenway follows the Sulpher Fork Creek towards Garner Street Park before yielding to a more urban landscape, a tour which passes through the city's picturesque historic district before reaching the Robertson County Courthouse.
Robertson County Courthouse

Back on the courts, the relaxed atmosphere was fostering a positively fun environment for the kids while simultaneously producing noticeable improvements in form.

Practicing the forehand with Coach Holland

Backhand work with Coach Holland

Playing for points

Our week at tennis camp was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Coach Holland is a top-notch guy and his instruction is second to none. Tennis is a great sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime, and tennis camp is the perfect way to introduce your youngster to a game which offers another outlet for participants to lead healthy, active lifestyles. 

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